1. Note that the geomagnetic effects. Large-screen

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-30
2. Note that ventilation, heat dissipation. Large-screen color TV to be stored in a dry well-ventilated place, away from heating and other heat sources away from the wall at least 10-20cm, do not poorly placed in a ventilated heat cupboard watch TV. 3. Note that switch. First plug in the power plug, then turn the power switch. Plug the power plug can not use the method switches TV. Not frequently switch TV. 4. Care to protect the picture tube. Watch programs and just shut down, do not carry the TV and vibration to prevent damage to tube. Tube, to avoid direct sunlight. 5. Eye protection. Watching TV, you can open a small light to reduce eye fatigue, but do not open daylight, so as not to interfere with pictures and associated audio. 6. Note that with the large screen color TV TFT Monitor antenna matching. Antenna 75 ohms, 300 ohms are two types of configurations according to requirements. There is ghosting when the antenna can be adjusted to change the direction or TV position. 7. Attention to dust. Or after watching TV when not in peacetime, apply darker colors in the color TV on Covers to prevent dust from entering the machine. Regularly remove dust, wipe the casing and the dust on the screen, the application of soft, clean damp cloth or absorbent cotton wipe, avoid using gasoline, chemical solvents and chemical fiber fabric wipe.
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