2016 college entrance examination examination room rules released, 200,000 sets of 2B pencil love gift packages are released for free

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-30
In the annual college entrance examination season, in order to allow candidates to walk into the examination room with peace of mind, the 2016 one-stroke love gift package is about to start again. This year's Yizhili Boosting College Entrance Examination is still organized by... The annual college entrance examination season, in order to let candidates enter the examination room with peace of mind, the 2016 Yizhili Love Gift Pack is about to start again. This year's effort to help college entrance examination activities is still jointly organized by this newspaper and Shandong Union College. The reporter learned from Shandong Union College that staff have been arranged for this event early. Currently, 200,000 sets of 2B pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc. have been purchased in place and are being repackaged. The 2B pencil is a must-have for the exam, and it is also one of the most problem-prone stationery in the college entrance examination room. In order to ensure the quality of the pencil, nearly 30 processes are required to produce a pencil lead, and more than 70 processes are required to make a complete 2B pencil. In addition to the strict production process, the quality inspection procedures are also very meticulous. The production of 2B pencils that have been qualified includes the inspection of 5 physical indicators and the inspection of 8 appearance indicators to ensure the quality of the pencil. In addition to the 2B pencil, the organizer has also carefully prepared a college entrance examination book for candidates, including precautions for examinations in various subjects, handling of nervousness, exercises before the examination, etc. In order to ensure the practicability of the college entrance examination, this newspaper invited the heads of the teaching and research groups of well-known high schools in the province to write them in person. At present, all parts of the content have been revised, and the book is being printed, and we will be able to meet with students and parents soon. This year is the eleventh year of the distribution of the great gift package of Yizhili College Entrance Examination. It has distributed more than 2 million sets of pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and other stationery to all parts of the province free of charge, and accompanies the students without mathematics to enter the ideal university. In the college entrance examination season again, walking into the examination room with assured stationery also affects the hearts of countless parents. Can I go to our county to distribute stationery? Here I can remind everyone that this year's love gift package will also be distributed across the province, striving to cover as many people as possible, and give proper attention to children in poverty-stricken areas. According to the schedule of the event, the one-stroke love gift package will be distributed as early as late this month. For the distribution time and location, please pay attention to the Qilu School Weekly. At that time, Jinan candidates will receive the college entrance examination love gift package first. Source: Qilu Evening News
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