A balloon makes a satisfying mould for a paper Mache bowl

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-21
To make a fruit bowl you will need balloon, wallpaper paste, old newspaper, stiff cardboard, masking tape, acrylic paints, white paint, container for wallpaper paste, spray varnish, scissors, pencil, ruler, fine grade sandpaper, small decorator paintbrush, paint mixing container and medium and fine artistic brushes. Step1: blow up the balloon fully to make a firm base for the papier Mache. Tear the newspaper into 2.5 cm (1 inch) and soak into wallpaper paste. Cover the balloon in 5 layers of papier Mache leaving the area around the knot bare. Step2: Leave the papier Mache in a warm place until it is completely dry. Using scissors burst the balloon and remove it. Trim the paper Mache bowl to the desired height. Step3: Cut a strip of cardboard about 13 cm wide and mark a line 5 cm from one long edge. Bend the strip into ring and secure with a masking tape. Cut 2cm inside tabs all the way around up to the marked line. Step 4: stand the bowl upright & center the cardboard ring over it, bending the tabs towards outside. Use masking tape to attach to foot to the bowl by all the tabs. Step:5 cover the bowl as well as foot further layer of papier Mache and leave in a warm place to dry it completely. Roll up some sheets of newspaper and twist them tightly to make ropes long enough to go around rim and foot of the bowl Step6: using a masking tape attach the newspaper twists to the top & bottom of the foot as well to rim of the bowl. Cover with more layers of papier Mache and leave it to dry. Step7: lightly rub down with fine grade sandpaper, then prime inside and out with 2 coats of white emulsion paint. Allow it to dry. Decorate the bowl inside as well as outside with acrylic paint and finish with coat of acrylic varnish. Leave to dry.
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