A first aid kit is the first thing you need in an emergency

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-02
Towels Towels are important for stopping bleeding or for wiping anything off from the skin. Towels can be soaked in water can be used to clean the skin surface. You can also use towels as makeshift pillows for someone who needs to lie down. Adhesive and non-adhesive bandages Bandages are the most common items you can find in an emergency kit. They are also the ones that need to be replenished from time to time since they are the ones that you use often. Adhesive bandages are useful for minor cuts and bruises. It is best to stick to adhesive bandages since they are easier to apply than regular bandages that need medical tape in order to stay in place. However, you may also need non-adhesive bandages in situations where you need to cover up inflamed, burnt, or sensitive skin, since adhesive bandages are not suitable for use on an open wound or irritated skin. Aspirin Aspirin is good for minor aches and pains as well as the occasional fever. Aspirin is especially important if you are traveling with kids. However, make sure that aspirin and other medications are always out of reach of children. If you stock various medications in your first aid kit, ensure that the kit has a lock so that only you can gain access to it. Triangular bandages These large bandages are made of non-elastic cloth and are used for restricting movement or as a sling. These are extremely useful for broken bones or when you need to restrict movement a part of the body such as the leg, the arm, or the neck. They can also be used to keep wound dressings in place. Scissors Scissors are extremely important for emergencies. You will need them to cutting tape, cutting through fabric, or for creating tourniquets from strips of cloth. You can use medical scissors which can be either pointed or tapered at the ends for your first aid kits. Tweezers These are necessary for picking out slivers, pieces of dirt and other types of debris. You need tweezers since you would not want to remove dirt or any debris directly off an open wound using your fingers. Plastic tweezers can be disinfected using alcohol and they come in various sizes to fit the size of you kit. It is important not just to stock your emergency kit with the essentials but to know how to use these items as well. According to experts, many people do not know how to use half the items in the first aid kit, which results to not being able to use them when the need arises. Also, make sure that all essential items are present in the kit. Check your kit regularly so you can know which items need to be replenished so you are always prepared for any kind of emergency.
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