A household move is never complete until you unpack

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-20
Having the right packaging materials for the right items is essential. Getting the right packaging materials is an easy task provided you know what to look for. Following are a few essential items you will need, to make moving damage free. Boxes: A lot of them! Make sure that you have a lot boxes with you at hand of various sizes depending on the items that you are going to be moving. Be it photo frames, or vases or even electronic items like LCD TVs. The task of putting the right item in the right box is essential because an item should not be placed loosely in the box. That along with the less insulation put together with a shaky moving team can lead to disastrous results. Boxes when tagged correctly will allow you to track exactly what you have moved. Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap to be precise is a great way of keeping all your items secure, scratch and dent free. Always wrap your dinnerware first individually and then once around together, before putting it in a box. Don't forget to label the boxes containing delicate items such as glassware and porcelain with arrows in the direction to be handled along with a label saying 'handle with care'. Corrogated Ply: Such materials are useful in the case of dinner sets or when a group of items need to be delivered as a set in one large box. It is used for dividing the box into various sections as per the requirement. Tape & Tape Guns: Tape keeps all your items together and secured so that they don't fall out of the box. And its best to utilize it as much as you can and seal all open ends and flaps of boxes to prevent things from ripping out if too tightly packed. Tape dispensers or guns make the whole process a lot simpler and less messy. Stretch Films: Using stretch film rolls are a great way to secure items together in a box preventing them from getting rattled and cracking when the box is moved around. All of the above mentioned items are available for purchase at the Box Shop. The Box Shop is a part of The Box's storage facilities in Abu Dhabi and is a one stop shop for all your packaging and moving needs. Apart from packaging and moving they also deal in modern and well secured self storage facilities with class leading services. To know more about company visit at http://www.storageinabudhabi.com
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