A wide variety of beautiful masking tape should be how to choose and buy?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-06

variety textured paper tape, we should be how to choose and buy? 

1。 When we got the U. S.  profile of paper tape, we can observe the color of the crepe paper. The appearance of the masking tape that a good color should be uniform color, there will be no colors mixed together. A good U. S.  profile of paper tape it and heat-resistant properties and solvent resistance, attach the sex is very good.

  2. A good U. S.  profile of paper tape good toughness and high tensile strength, not easy to break.

  3. A good U. S.  profile of paper tape temperature resistant performance is good, the masking tape on heat resistance performance is divided into: temperature in normal temperature textured paper tape, textured paper tape, high temperature masking tape and high temperature resistant masking tape. You can choose according to use suitable textured paper tape, so save trouble and effort to save money. U. S.  profile of paper tape odor problem, because the U. S.  profile of paper tape is industrial materials, so there will be a certain smell in general, has just produced will have some smell, will send out over time, the U. S.  profile of paper tape to us has no smell.

the masking tape type USES:

1. Room temperature striped crepe paper, crepe paper as base material, coating modified rubber crepe paper. Have fast paste, easy tear, easy tear, better initial adhesion and no residue, good flexibility, as well as the affordable price. Widely used in all kinds of decoration industry, industrial, spraying shelter needs shelter to protect place, etc. 

2。 PCB drilling fixed/plastic spray paint textured paper tape, dedicated to metal spray paint, circuit boards, copper plate positioning drilling, plastic positioning and spraying, computer shell coating and electronic spray paint, and other purposes. Good stability, no residue glue, colloid has high strength, good paste.

3。 High temperature textured tape, widely used in automobiles, hardware, electronics, electrical appliances to require high temperature resistance and solvent resistance of the industry of fixed and protect the color of the lacquer that bake. Has excellent heat resistance and solvent resistance. From 100 to 150 degrees. Resistance of toluene and other solvents. 

4。 Car painting with textured paper tape, specialized in auto painting beauty, furniture paint, electronic spray paint, decoration paint, and other industrial applications. Superior temperature resistance, good stability, good heat resistance, good renaturation, no residue glue. A good cover and protection coating. Car spraying U. S.  profile of paper tape with superior range from 70 to 150 degrees of temperature tolerance. After continuous baking, stripping without glue. Heat resistance performance, strong adhesion, attached with a resistance and stretch better is car paint spray and other better material. 

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