About goldfinger tape storage method

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

about goldfinger tape storage method I have introduce for everybody here!

how to correctly stored goldfinger tape

& have spent       1, the adhesive tape should be stored in the warehouse, in order to prevent the sun, the rain; Please do not contact with acid and base oil of organic solvent, keep clean and dry, 1 m distance found equipment, room temperature was minus 15 ℃ to 40 ℃.

        2, tape should be into place, don't fold, long storage time should be every quarter turn once.

        3, loading and unloading conveyer belt when it is best to use the crane and beam of rigging to raise its smooth, to prevent damage to the belt edge, don't rough handling, the clamshell swinging loose.

        4, the types of adhesive tape, the standard should be used according to the need and the specific conditions, a reasonable choice.

        5, and shall not be used at the same time different types, different standard type, intensity and tape layers.

        6, it is best to use hot vulcanized rubber, conveyer belt joint in order to improve the reliability, insist on the use of high strength.  

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