Adhesive residues can be a pain in the neck for

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-13
The main reason is most adhesive residues are very tricky to remove. These adhesive residues may include gum, grease, tough oily soils and paints. Adhesive residues also find their way on the carpet when tape is removed from a carpet which leaves a sticky soil attracting residue. Naturally, if these residues are not removed fast, they make the carpet prone to collecting soil and sand! Adhesive Residues - How Common Are They? Your company may not consider adhesive as important a client complaint but believe me it needs attention. It is really important for giving the carpets you're cleaning, a spotless perfectly clean look. Consider a client throwing a party at their place where they decide to plaster coat the carpet with tape so when this tape is removed after the party, you can very well imagine what the result will be! These stains from tape residues are not only difficult to remove but also cause a lot of problem in case they are left as it is. How To Remove Adhesive Residues? Here's a step by step guide to remove all kinds of adhesive residues: Important: Although, after the first attempt, it may seem that the job is done, but it is advised to repeat the process of applying solvent and agitating again to be sure that no residue is left because if any residue is left, it will attract more soil and dirt towards itself. Example, if a POG or PIG style product is used it need special attention to remove the oily residue remaining from the use of these style of solvent products. Most time the use of a VDS style solvent is used after the use of a PIG or POG, then flushed or absorbed. THE SECRET: Choose The Right Product For Removing Adhesive Residues! Choosing the right stain remover is also important when dealing with adhesive stains. PowerClean Industries provides Grease N Gum Gone which is a super strength blend for removing gum, grease, tough oily soils and paints. It is formulated to work fast, even on tough gums and stubborn grease that other solvents can't manage. Hel-Gel Orange is excellent for removing sticky residues including Duct Tape Residue and Chewing Gum. Also very effective at removing grease, tar, lipstick, some forms of ink, first step in removing crayon marker stains and any make up with oil bases. Because the Hel-Gel Orange is in a gel form it helps keep the product on the fiber and out of the backing. The really outstanding and unique aspect of Hel-Gel orange is that it dries to a non-sticky crystalline powder. What product to use is sometime determined by what the surface we are working on or what system we have available or are using. If cleaning carpets in night clubs and hotel bars where there is large amounts of gum, then the product of choice is Grease N Gum Gone. This is because of the potency of this product and the speed in breaking down gum. Also can be used for outside gum removal in parking stations and footpaths. On the other hand if the gum removal is in homes and office and the gum load is not so heavy, the product of choice will always be Hel-Gel Orange. Even though it may not be as fast at dissolving gum as Grease N Gum Gone is, the Hel-Gel does not carry the normal solvent odour that VDS, POG, PIG and Grease N Gum Gone does. Hel-Gel Orange fills the room with a beautiful fresh orange scent. There is certain carpet types that are better suited to a gel solvent than normal liquid solvents. If cleaning certain carpet tiles that have bituminous backing, rubber backing such as the old Maryvale Carpet, or the old Heuger Carpet tiles it is an absolute no, no to use a liquid solvent on these as the solvent if it mitigates through it can either dissolve the rubber backing or dissolve the bituminous layer. From that point, every time an extractor is used it will draw up the black colour. Also to use any liquid style solvent on a direct stick carpet has to done with due care. Just remember if you had to remove glue from the carpet fiber you would use a solvent, and it would dissolve and loosen the glue. The glue binding the carpet to the concrete in a direct stick install will be loosened if a liquid solvent were to reach through to that area. The result would be that in a few days after cleaning a bubble will appear in the carpet. What style of solvent to use on a carpet will also be determined by the style of carpet cleaning method being used. If you have a flushing and extraction system, any of the above solvents can be employed. But if the system being used is a Dry Cleaning/Bonnet Cleaning System or Encapsulation Cleaning System, really the only choice available to use is Hel-Gel Orange. Hel-Gel Orange dries to a talcum powder and leaves no sticky residue. Which is important as these systems are not a full flushing system. Remember a full flush and extraction is required if using the normal liquid solvents in order to flush out the residue. But the DryClean/Bonnet Systems have no flushing system in the process unless the stains were attended to first with a hot water extraction spotting machine like the Mytee Lite 11 prior to bonneting. Another product called PowerClean Nitro contains the formula that combines super wetting agents with radical strength emulsification chemistry which is further enhanced by stain removal technology used in the textile industry. This helps in removing tricky stains quickly and easily. Like we said earlier, removing adhesive residue is tricky business. Yet if you're really determined and patient with adhesive residues, you can get the job done in no time!
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