【 Adhesive tape factory 】 Share with you the cause of ageing tape and maintenance tips

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

in the process of the adhesive tape for use in don't can be different specifications and varieties and mix the strength of the adhesive tape, adhesive tape in the store need to put into the warehouse, so that we can avoid to a certain extent tape and, if found traces of adhesive tape has been damaged when use, should be timely find the reason and repair. In order to make the adhesive tape to avoid fracture, if the tape in production to maintain good cleanliness. When loading and unloading conveyer belt, in order to avoid that the belt edge damaged, you need is a crane, so you can keep the tape from damage.

  Adhesive to share with you tape the little skill that maintain < br />
& have spent   1. Tape need to place, will not be able to fold, is necessary if stored for a long time every quarter turn once, and tape should be stored in the warehouse, to avoid the sun and the rain.

    2. The type of adhesive tape and specifications according to use requires reasonable selection.

    3. Tape running and cleanliness has a direct relationship, foreign substances affect the eccentricity of the adhesive tape, if it is found that when using tape has the phenomenon of damage, need to find the reasons and repair timely. < br />
the cause of aging tape < br />
& have spent   1. Oxygen, due to the amount of oxygen in the air containing 21%, and oxygen has to speed up the material characteristics of oxidation, activity is very heavy, causing rapid oxidation of adhesive tape, which can lead to tape change & other; Old & throughout; 。 But we don't let the tape has a bubble in paste adhesive tape appeared, for breathable tape, of course, this factor is inevitable.

    2. Ultraviolet ( The light from the sun) With high temperature properties, ultraviolet ray can quickly decompose goo, long exposure in the sun belt will be its decomposition, aging caused by tape. The see the place with the use of adhesive tape, can not let objects exposed to the sun.

  3. Plasticizer, its main function is used to soften plastic, and mostly belongs to the rubber plasticizer contained in the products, with the change of time, the proportion of material itself contains plasticizer will be more and more, tape caused by aging, etc. In the above various factors under the influence of for a long time, can lead to degradation of belt, softening, curing, clay-free

through the above explanation believe everyone maintenance have certain knowledge of tape.

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