【 Adhesive tape factory 】 Share with you the transparent tape poisonous? What is its formula and production methods?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

the Internet a lot of users are asking: scotch tape poisonous? Adhesive is transparent tape non-toxic small make up to you to answer. Normal manufacturer producing scotch tape in general not poisonous, but some manufacturers in order to save the cost of raw materials to be added to the chemical raw materials, the chemical is toxic. We can according to the scotch tape formula and production methods know whether transparent tape is toxic.

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【 Formula 】 Quality of

natural rubber: 100

stick PVC resin ( Melting point 115 ℃) : 75

polybutylene: 5

stabilizer: 2

' Method 】 According to the formula accurately weighing, the rubber impregnated in solvent, let its swelling and dissolving. Reinvest to add sticky resin and other materials. Note that the preparation of colorless transparent adhesive tape, the material of the stirrer and dissolving kettle must adopt stainless steel, meaning that its mixing form should be selected according to the types of pressure sensitive adhesive. For solution of the homogeneous solution, with pump into the storage tank. When the pressure sensitive adhesive from the storage tank to the coating machine, with a metal mesh or cloth to filter, remove the dirt. Pressure sensitive adhesive with uniform thickness of the coating on the substrate, to clean solvent evaporation in the drying oven, reoccupy winding machine winding roll. This method can be proven non-toxic transparent tape.

【 Features 】 This product pressure sensitive resistance, drill with good performance. Using the surface is very wide, easy to use, simple, low prices.

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