【 Adhesive tape factory 】 Share with you use scotch tape to avoid to touch the water

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

when it comes to our products have a lot of daily will have access to, transparent adhesive tape is our necessary household and office products. With the continuous development of society, tape in our life have more extensive application, can be seen in the areas of packaging, plastic adhesive tape. You also know that there are a lot of the kinds of adhesive tape, such as our students to use the stationery tape, and our production and processing activities will use the packing tape. But everyone in the use of adhesive tape to avoid to touch water oh, scotch tape is no exception.

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a lot of people know how to use the tape is now, and its role is to put those objects appear fracture and needs to be fixed with adhesive tape for use. Now the tape has many kinds, according to the use of it to the local and viscous degree to points. Generally in a fixed time don't run into water, because after the adhesive tape stick to water, can let the tape surface covered with a layer of film, and because of this film cut off the adhesive and glued object of direct contact with the viscosity will lose a lot. To make it recover viscous you can fold tape with water, then dry with fire, or natural air, will wield the complex viscosity. And the viscosity compared with the beginning still has a gap, so the tape is everybody must pay attention to don't touch the water. Now the tape market a lot of tape into the life, many single glue, double-sided adhesive tape a, have the existence of it our life would be better, make the fracture to the same as the original.

in the use of tape if touch water, so sticky tape will reduce, so we must pay attention to when using.

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