Adhesive tape factory to share with you about the introduction of three common glue sealing tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

on the inside of the packing tape glue has been a issue for people, today small make up to you to introduce relatively popular in the market of three types of packing tape glue, hot melt glue rubber oil rubber

in the three kinds of packing tape glue, glue water is the most common, which is the most popular glue, normally the packing tape are made of water gel,

unless there is a customer special request to do oil glue sealing adhesive tape or hot melt adhesive packing tape, oily adhesive tape is better than the performance of water gel, viscosity is very strong, but oil glue is relative to the water plastic packing tape is more dangerous, often with sealing tape has a habit is when no tape cutter, often with teeth to bite the tape, it seems nothing too much damage, but the actual oil glue to glue is much more dangerous than water, production process also need to be more cautious, particularly in terms of fire prevention measures.

hot melt adhesive in domestic production is less, usually only those foreign big tape manufacturer or a small number of domestic tape factory can produce. In these three kinds of sealing adhesive tape, as a tape factory, seng heng is highly recommended water adhesive packing tape, the reason is that water glue production safer, use also is safe, but also satisfy the general viscous packaging user viscosity requirements, now with the idea of environmental protection, water glue is also very of environmental protection, if there are no special requirements, general adhesive tape factory is the use of water sealing adhesive tape, glue production oil glue in the general case, make the finished product packing tape to two to three times more expensive than ordinary.

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