Adhesive tape factory to share with you tape application features

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

  Tape everyone not strange, because we live everywhere you can see the use of adhesive tape, remember when I was a child with the tape is very narrow tape, stationery tape, later contact, slowly learned that the tape is actually have a lot of specifications, regardless of size or thickness, take the tape sealing box, specification size there is a big difference, packing tape is suitable for storage of goods, container loading, etc. , and adhesive tape manufacturer will come today for us to introduce its application features: < br / >

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& have spent It has the effect of instant glue, only need to use a small pressure can stick well, and the sealing tape from the coil top off easily, won't appear the phenomenon of tape drawing, also can have control. Packing tape flexibility is good, but not on the edge of thick accumulation, it will not stimulate to the smoothness of the hand, there will be no after remove the adhesive, with good solubility, and fracture resistance, resistance to bounce back, and so on.

  The application of the adhesive tape has brought great convenience for us, even in the industry, also use adhesive tape for packing seal products.

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