Adhesive tape factory to share with you the masking tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

tape factory to share with you, the U. S. profile of paper tape of 11 major features: < br />
& have spent 1, special type of adhesive. Provide excellent solvent resistance, high temperature resistant performance, without any adhesive residue.

2, the tape can be easily bent. Protection of circular edge into a curve also won't have broken.

3, retention, textured paper tape sticky even in under the weight of itself can still provide adequate retention.

4, easy tear and convenience operation even when using scissors or knife still can use.

< br />

5, textured paper tape and submissive, textured paper tape can lie down on the high curvature of surface, thickness is not enough to be retroactive.

  6, solution volume is moderate, not too heavy nor too light solution volume force is easy to operation.

7, smoothness, textured paper tape base material is smooth, does not cause the user 勄 skin feeling.

8, is not easy to break into pieces tape will not automatically divided into many pieces.

9, fleeting sticky tape of a contact that is sticky.

10, solvent resistance, crepe paper base material ability solvent penetration.

11, basic color will not fall off.

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