Adhesive tape factory to share with you the use of various kinds of adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

Electrical tape full name for the PVC electrical insulation tape. Has good insulation, flame retardant, resistance to voltage, cold-resistant features, suitable for high temperature tape wire winding, transformers, motors, capacitor, voltage stabilizer and other kinds of motors and fixed with the insulation of the electronic parts.

  Medical tape pure wood pulp based on the material of natural materials, non-toxic, has a good packing tape breathable performance. Medical packet tape good flexibility, easy solution volume, convenient operation; Adopted by sterilized cotton cloth bag is suitable for the medical treatment unit enterprise cross the packet.

  Industrial tape is used in all kinds of industrial adhesive tape. Fixed and protect all kinds of adhesive tape is mainly used to customized products, as well as the production process to provide protection and so on. Tapes are widely used in China and the industrial, transportation, electronic communications, security, business, health, personal care, electronics, electrical, construction, culture and education and consumption, and other fields.

  Packing tape is also known as bopp tape, packing tape, etc. , it was based on the bopp two-way stretch polypropylene film as the backing material, through heat evenly daub emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive, make its formed 8 microns - - - 28 mu m range protectionlayer, middle class is light industry enterprises, company and individual life indispensable equipment.

  Conductive adhesive tape is a kind of metallic foil with high conductive back glue or conductive cloth, conductive back its full of conductive adhesive and conductive substrate composition, can with any metal surface in bonding way, complete electric overlap and gap of electric closed. Shielding conductive adhesive tape is economical and practical, easy to use of shielding materials. Used for sealing the EMI shielding room, the seams of the shell and electronic equipment, winding cable shielding, provide reliable grounding surface, provide electrical contact to not welding surface.

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