Adhesive tape factory to share with you to customize the types of packaging printing tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

Packing tape in the daily life and work will play an indispensable role, is a kind of life will be. Has the broad application market, therefore, packing tape, also promoted the development of custom printed tape.

  Custom printing tape, tape is a new type of material, this tape material selection is also very attentively, choose the two-way stretch polypropylene film and glue to paste the two substances.

  We use daily custom lettering sealing tape, the printing method is based on the two-way stretch polypropylene membrane through the high-tech to make a rough surface, then coated with glue, repass article points, thus divided into small volume. Then do some packing, let customers exquisite packaging feast for the eyes, promote sales, increase customer purchases. At the same time to achieve the effect of brand publicity.

  Sealing tape also has many kinds, it can be divided into: transparent packaging, color packaging, printing, packaging class three categories. < br / >
1, transparent wrapper classes, namely students are widely used, mainly used to modify the homework. < br / >
2, color packaging, also is the kind of, can be used to discount the stars is commonly used for decoration, but also can be used to modify the homework, etc. < br / >
3, printing packaging, is used to wrap package packing sealing, tan. As we have seen a, feel very good, very thoughtful. Is also in the midline in the area of the tan with transparent packaging tape, and perspective, is conducive to see when the paste position, not easy to run partial. When opened, is easy to find the opening of the box, convenient and quick. This is also I think it is quite close, very good reasons.

  Lettering sealing tape manufacturer, can printing monochrome, two-color, multicolor printing tape. For individuals, for the company, for the enterprise. Tape, will have indispensable role, is a kind of life will be. Printing tape, therefore, has a broad application prospect.

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