Adhesive tape factory to share with you what is a PET double-sided tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

  PET double-sided tape is made from PET film double-sided adhesive coated c and acid, tape color is transparent and black two kinds commonly, rare include green PET double-sided tape.
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The thickness of the common specifications as follows: 0. 05 - 0. 205 mm, with good dimensional stability, thermal stability, chemical stability, initial adhesion and good viscosity, Yi Mo cutting processing, plastic, rubber, nameplate has good viscosity. Can apply to a wide range of temperature and bad environment. < br />
to apply to a wider range of temperature and bad environment; Heat resistance, 100 - for a long time Short-term heat resistance up to 140-120 ℃, 200℃。

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