【 Adhesive tape manufacturer 】 Share with your packing tape greatly with the use of maintenance

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

Packing tape we often use in our daily life, sometimes a one-time buy many, how can we save it, do it today with adhesive small make up take a look at packing tape handling methods.

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  1, the tape shall be stored in the warehouse, to avoid the sun, the rain; Ban on contact with acid and alkali oil, organic solvent, keep clean and dry, found from device 1 m, in - at the room temperature Between 15 ℃ and 40 ℃.

2, tape should be into place, do not fold, when storage time too long, should flip a quarterly.

3, the type of adhesive tape, specifications and concrete conditions according to use need, reasonable selection.

4, can not put the different varieties, different types, intensity, layers of cloth tape to connect ( With group) Use together.

5, do not make the tape crawling or crawl, keep roller, vertical roll, flexible tension moderation.

6, cleanliness is the basic condition of belt running, foreign substances affect belt eccentric, tension, and even rupture.

Found in 7, the use of tape early damage phenomenon, should be timely find the reasons, repair, to avoid the occurrence of adverse consequences

& have spent         Small make up epilogue: through the above content, believe everybody survey of packing tape and maintenance has a more comprehensive understanding.

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