【 Adhesive tape manufacturers] To share with you a protective film material?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

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protective film in the life is also more commonly used. Family, factory needs to be used, so what material? Just like below small make up take a look at.

there are a lot of the kinds of protective film, can be divided into the following kinds according to its material, general protective film manufacturers.

1, the protective film is first appeared in PP material on the market, the chemical name is polypropylene, no adsorption ability, generally use glue to stick, tear after will make the glue mark on the screen, the screen for a long time will be corrosion. Now the basic elimination.

2, PVC material to protect itself is the feature of simple sense softness, and easy to paste, but this kind of material is more thick, light transmittance is bad, make the screen looks hazy. Tear off after will also marks the glue on the screen. This kind of material is also more easily with the change of the temperature and FanHuang out oil, short service life.

3, a modified PVC protective film, solved the previous heavy and poor light penetration problem.

4, PET protective film material is one of the most common protection to stick on the market, mobile phones and tablets with the three layers of PET protective film.

5, AR material protection on market is one of the best known screen saver.

6 is the main raw material LLDPE, PE material, texture is soft, has the certain stretchability.

7, OPP material protective film from the appearance is close to the PET protective film, its hardness is bigger, have certain flame retardant, but its paste using effect is poorer, general rarely used on the market.

8, protective film from the appearance of OCA material to see no difference with other material, but the OCA material protective film is produced in Japan, its most used on apple mobile phone, now in its luminosity and hardness is better than other materials, so the OCA is now mobile phone protective film of the most popular material.

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