Adhesive tape of polyolefin anticorrosive layer construction method and key points

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


polyolefins adhesive tape covering polyethylene tape and polypropylene tape, on the basis of SY/T0414 - during construction 2017 technical standard requirements.

1, the work surface derusting, welding slag, burr, clean oil, clean sundry, and maintain a clean and dry. Conform to the requirements of the GB/T 8923, remove rust should reach St3 level, should achieve Sa2 mechanical descaling. Level 5.

choose 30-2, for the weld process Article 50 mm width of narrow tape cover in the weld, and compaction in hand or wooden tools to weld.

3, manual or mechanical brushing paint, ensure uniform, no leakage. For primer table dry after 3 ~ 5 minutes wrap adhesive tape.

4, chooses the appropriate mechanical or hand tools, on the besmear after good primer table dry pipe according to the requirements of anticorrosion layer level and structure of the engineering design, with lap spiral wound adhesive tape, adhesive tape must keep certain tension force, where the tape sticking connection. And keep the seam parallel, no creases.

5, adhesive tape solution volume when the temperature must be above 5 ℃, the appropriate anticorrosive coating construction in - More than 5 ℃. When the environment temperature is less than. . . 5 ℃. For thick rubber type of polyethylene tape and polypropylene tape, in order to guarantee good caking, burner can be used to heat pipe and baking adhesive tape on the surface of the rubber.

6, rain, snow, fog, humidity> 85% cases, and the larger environment outdoor construction sand.

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