All kinds of double-sided adhesive tape traces how to remove

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
In daily life, we often use tape this kind of things, and in different places, the tape used types are different. Although tape when using special convenient, but generally there is a problem, that is adhesive tape in use after traces of clearing up special difficulties. Many people will choose this way with a wet towel, but for this method is not able to completely remove all traces of adhesive tape. And for those who fear to touch water, this method is not suitable for, clean up these are hateful traces of adhesive tape, we don't need so much effort, through some clever method can completely correct to solve, see the following everyone will understand. < br / > < br / >

remove double-sided adhesive tape is also often used in our daily life of a thing, because he can not trace when use, especially in some office concentrated place, it is often appear. If you want to go to remove double-sided adhesive, first of all, don't tear the a layer of paper, and then take the hair dryer blowing about it, not much can take down later on. If it has been left over a piece black marks, at this time you can use to the white oil on top, then cloth to wipe gently, then clean with clear water again, of course, this method is for those that are waterproof. If the use of local black mark is not too big, this time you can use the eraser, if the area is large, then can use anhydrous alcohol, industrial alcohol, as we speak on paste, and then a cloth to wipe clean. < br / >

< br / > solution to the cellophane tape marks the first and for the stain is not a lot of places, you can select the eraser to erase the traces. At the same time can also choose to use a wet towel, estimate for this method may be what we see in the first thought when the doors. Put the wet towel to cover where there is mark, wait until after traces of adhesive tape slowly eroded to wipe, of course, we also mentioned, first is the sort of can not afraid of wet places. Alcohol can also solve the cellophane tape, but before using this method, we first of all, you should make sure is clean is not afraid of fade. Up clean, not on the stick above some alcohol, and then slowly to repeat there is glue mark, until has been erased. Detergent also can effectively remove traces cellophane tape at the same time, the steps and methods used in it and the above is the same. Ordinary nail polish remover inside because contain certain chemical composition, so use it to remove the mark, effect is also good. < br / > < br / > two-side glue trace on the metope of the first, you can use the washing water to wipe the light to see the nail polish, because to light water, it can make the wall of the original color also follow together fall off, so for this kind of method is recommended to use in the places where is not obvious, if the area is large, but also particularly conspicuous, it is not recommended. At the same time you can also use the method of heating let soften double-sided adhesive, such as holding a hair dryer to blow it, and then wait for it to soften after can easily give it to remove. Again at the same time use the dry cloth covered with vinegar where traces of the double-sided adhesive can solve this problem, but to remind everybody to use vinegar, must be white vinegar can, never can use the color red vinegar, because most of the white is the color of the walls of our home, if in red, is very easy to leave a mark on the wall surface. < br / >

foam double-sided adhesive removal method if it is posted on the wall, you can choose a few more sharp objects scratching off a small Angle, and then according to the foot with the hand to tear down, for this kind of method is more tired, but relatively won't leave a trace. If used on the plastic, can use towel first dip the hot water, and cover the foam tape until it soaked through above, also found a small Angle, then slowly scraped off. If everyone is posted on the glass, you can try to use some household cleanser, put it in one and a half wet dishcloth above the other brush back and forth several times, if it is hard, so you should be take it wet, then using household cleanser is wiped.

everybody when see some traces of the tape, don't road to shave with a knife, this will only damage the original things. Using the above these softer approach, also can achieve clean effect, the main is the very thing that will not damage the glue mark below.

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