Aluminum foil bag manufacturer to tell you why the aluminum foil bag is often used in food packaging?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Why can do aluminum foil food packaging bags? Food packaging bags why choose aluminum foil material?

aluminum foil food with 25 kg of aluminum foil bag, is a kind of metal aluminum after pressing tools, can be used in the kitchen cooking, filled food, or used to make some simple cleaning materials. The aluminum foil packing food available in the market, generally can be heated, and can be stored for a long time. And most of the food processing with the aluminum foil with one side light, aluminum foil another side ash dumb. Food with double-sided aluminum foil paper are available packages of food, usually a proposal to bright surface parcel, enhance heat transfer effect.

why food packaging bags with aluminum foil material, this is because the metal aluminium by oxygen oxidation, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium in the metal surface to form a layer of dense protective film, prevent oxygen to keep metal aluminum oxide, made of aluminum foil bag, of course, take advantage of the dense layer of protective film can be very good isolation from the outside air into the bag inside, have the effect of prevent food by the oxidation. On the other hand the aluminum foil has good ductility, excellent blocking performance, strong corrosion resistance, good printing adaptability. Can prevent food rather than react with oxygen.

used in aluminum foil food packaging bags, good barrier property is used in the aluminum foil, aluminum foil oxygen transmittance is extremely low, can effectively cut off gas air is easy to make food go bad, such as oxygen, gas, etc. And the aluminum foil is not transparent, have very good shading, prevent certain foods because of light and color or deteriorate the poor corrosion resistance of aluminum foil itself, vulnerable to corrosion of acidic or alkaline substances.

in addition, 25 kg of aluminum foil bag plasticity strong, can produce a variety of bag type, such as three edge-sealing food packaging bags, four edge-sealing bag, eight edge-sealing bag, self-supporting zipper bag, bag, etc. , and different bag type aluminum bag can be applied to different types of food packaging.

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