An air mattress is the ideal item to use on a camping trip

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-21
The first thing you should do is to clean a bottle. This eliminates the entire residue that might be in the bottle, just incase there was a liquid contained in the bottle. Fill it with tap water halfway. Tilt the bottle, and put in some dish washing liquid. Mix the two liquids by swirling the water gently, but make sure that not too many bubbles are created. After that, you can put the mixture away. Inflate the airbed until it becomes hard, and then install the plug. Check the inflatable bed for any signs of air leaks. If there are any, they will be discolored from the pressure. To mark the leaked area, just put a piece of masking tape over each tear. You can also run your hand over the mattress to locate any air leaks. Use the soapy solution to pour a little of it over the areas that you locate punctures and marks. The solution bubbles once it finds a leak. The area can be wiped with a rag and marked with a masking tape. Use a sandpaper to rub the surface of the airbed at the leaks you have found. After the rubbing process, you can deflate the air mattress. Follow the instructions on the repair kit to fix the leaks. Leaks found on the top of the airbed and on the rough pad do require an extra step for a good repair. Work the fill valve over the leak, the patch has to be folded for it to fit in the valve and secure the patch by using your finger to rub over it and re-inflate the air mattress. The air pressure inside it will secure the patch. After re-inflating the airbed, you can look for more leaks by repeating the same process. If you do not find any leaks, then leave the airbed inflated to see if it will remain the same.
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