Analyze the economics of polyolefin adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-01

1. You cannot use weight to balance the economics of polyolefin adhesive tapes

For polyolefin adhesive tapes, they are measured in kilograms or kilograms. The unit price alone cannot judge its economy. Because the specific gravity of different quality adhesive tapes is different, when the same weight is obtained, the cost of The amount of consumption is different, and the adhesive tape with a high specific gravity may consume more. 

2. The unit price per square meter can reflect the economics of adhesive tape to a certain extent

Adhesive tape is priced per square meter under a certain thickness, and the theoretical area used is compared with the actual consumption. It is reasonable to measure the economic efficiency of the adhesive tape by using the estimated consumption of square meters to check the price.

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