Anti-static PE bag can use the scope of what

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

anti-static PE bag composed of multilayer material by the composite coating and lining for heat sealing layer, product strength is higher than general sealing strength twice; The middle tier for high strength mechanical layer, with excellent mechanical functions; The outer layer of conductive layer. That this kind of anti-static PE bag can use the scope of what?

    1. Anti-static PE bag it is compounded by the product performance, widely used in all kinds of PC board, the computer motherboard, sound card, graphics CARDS, network CARDS and electrostatic sensitive high-tech electronic products packaging.     2. Anti-static PE bag and related chemical products compatible, good performance, in the process of packaging storage will not be packing up chemical reaction, and can be applied directly to contact packaging related products.     Anti-static PE bag to protect electrostatic sensitive components from electrostatic potential hazards, their unique structure forming Faraday electric cage 'induction cap' effect, in order to achieve the items inside the bag of blocking and antistatic effect, outer wear-resistant metal coating and lining materials, the complex process of electrostatic shielding protection perfection, translucent heat sealing bag type of craft, can clearly identify the items in the bag.

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