Applications of thermal conductive double-sided tape and bonding techniques

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

        Thermal conductive double-sided tape in IC heat sink area is the most effective method of the fixed professional double-sided adhesive used for heat sinks and chips, LED to use more convenient, the LED and cooling with heat conduction between aluminum two-side glue, in the press with a bit of force; Effects of thermal conductivity than the average thermal conductive adhesive effect is remarkable. This product can also be used for thermal bonding with other devices, replaced the screwed, can achieve the most effective cooling.

        General adhesive other heat sink and heat equipment usage is very convenient, the heat conduction between double stick in heating with heat sink, strength pressure, cooling fin is firmly fixed on the hot piece, use simple convenient, to improve production efficiency. Obvious effects of its cooling effect than the average thermal stickers, greatly improve the service life of components, is some high-end and thermal conductivity of the electronic products of choice.

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