Arizona Cardinals Party Supplies and Invitations

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-28
Red Feathers is the perfect Arizona Cardinals party game for true Cardinals fans. To play Red Feathers, have guests roll around in masses of red feathers. To begin, have two willing participants wrapped in double sided duct tape. Place the feathers on a large tarp. The object of the game is to roll around in the feathers for a brief amount of time trying to cover all of the tape. The player who is covered with the largest amount of red feathers is the winner. Judging who has the most feathers comes down to who has the least amount of tape showing. Empty Nests is another game perfect for this party theme. Split the group into two teams with an even number of players. Set up two rows of chairs, with chairs to accommodate the same number of players plus one empty chair per line. Place a line of tape about 10 feet from the ends of the chair with each player standing on a chair. On go, the player on the end by the empty chair picks it up and passes it to the next person. The chair goes all the way to the end of the line of players. The last player puts it down and then stands on it. Everyone moves down a chair and the process repeats itself. The first team to cross the line of tape is the winning team. Hit the Cardinal is also perfect for an Arizona Cardinals party. Assign three players to form a Cardinal complete with a head, middle section and the tail, with players placing hands on the waist to stay attached. The rest of the players form a circle around the Cardinal. The object is to try to hit the tail of the Cardinal with the ball. 'The Cardinal' must move around quickly enough to avoid the strike. The players must act quickly and try to hit the tail. The person who hits the tail is now considered the head of the bird. The tail is to take the place of the thrower back into the circle. The game continues as long as needed. These Arizona Cardinal theme party games are entertaining for fans of all ages. Encourage all to play and mix in a few football and football related games in the party as well.
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