Art is the practice of emoting our senses through

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-08
Art of course, comes in so many structures and outlines that one is at a loss where to begin looking. One such structure is Champagne Glass Art. There are a number of artists who have rendered this majestic stemware as part of their creative endeavors. Personalized champagne glasses delivered through art, is fast becoming novel gift ideas and unique decorations for the home. Hand-painted glass art, using Champagne glasses is fun, elegant and lasts a lifetime. Many artists use stemware of high quality and heat-cured paint (non-toxic and lead-free) to ensure durability - the color will not fade due to special treatments such as baking. Anyone can learn how to paint on Champagne glasses as a hobby or to give as gifts. These are the initial supplies which you need: - - For beginners, purchase cheap Champagne stemware for practice.- Buy paint specifically created for glass art, ones which can withstand very high heat when the baking process takes place. - Paint brushes of different sizes to cater to your intended designs. - Simple clip art drawings that can be fitted easily inside the Champagne glass. - Clear tape to hold the clip drawings in place. To begin, select the desired clip art design and carefully, using clear tape, secure inside of glass. The design serves as a guide as you will start painting on the outside. Use the desired brush and begin outlining your masterpiece. After that let your imagination roam free. Use bold colors, or gold specks, anything that can make your design stand out. Remember to wait for one coat to dry thoroughly before beginning on the next. This is your art, so anything goes; the more outrageous, the better. Once you have completed this process, do not forget to remove the clip drawing from inside the glass. Heat your Champagne glass according to the instructions on the labels of the paints. This baking process is important, as it locks the paint in place to prevent fading and chipping. Be careful when doing this, use protective gloves and keep children away. After the heating process is completed, please allocate ample time for your Champagne glasses to cool and the colors to set. This can take overnight, so be patient. Place these glasses spread sparingly on a piece of cloth, and again, keep your young ones away from this area. Once the Champagne glasses are completely cooled, they are now ready either to be displayed proudly on your mantelpiece or presented as gifts to dear friends and family members. Most Champagne glass art is considered dishwasher safe, but it is recommended that you hand wash them carefully using mild soap or dish washing liquid. Champagne glass art is easy to do once you understand the basics. Once you get better at it, look through design books or the Internet for more ideas.
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