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by:Yourijiu     2020-06-14
Now the challenge is that not all of us are gifted with such skills, and many do not even know the proper way to build dog houses, and for these reasons, we often buy ready-to-occupy homes for our pets. There is nothing wrong with it except that we can save a significant amount of money if we do it ourselves. How? The answer to that question may not necessarily be as difficult as you might think. But first, let us get to the basics. There are two types of DIY dog houses which you can choose from: dog house kits and start-from-scratch. If you want the easy route, take the first one, but if you want something which you can work on as a 'labor of love' kind of thing, you can always build a dog house from scratch. For dog house kits, you can find these at pet stores both online and offline. These usually include panels made of wood, PVC, or plastic; screws; roof; and some flooring. You just need to assemble them, and voila! You get a ready to occupy dog house in only a couple of hours, or less. DIY Dog House Here are the basic steps to follow when building the house yourself: 1. When building a dog house from scratch, you will need to have a very good dog house plan. You can purchase this online, or you can seek the help of a carpenter in making the plans. 2. Next, check on the measurements and make sure they are accurate. Once you have double-checked on this, cut the pieces of wood accordingly and join each panel. You will need boards, plywood, insulation materials, screws, gloves, safety glasses, nails, hammer, drill, measuring tape, and a saw. 3. Secure your dog's safety by screwing each panel tightly. Type of material used should be chew-proof and nontoxic. 4. Roof can either be A-shaped or flat. Build it in such a way that it is screwed securely to the structure but also removable so the dog house will be easy to clean and maintain. You can also opt to leave gaps at the bottom and sides so that there will be sufficient ventilation. 5. Paint the dog house with light colors to keep it cool. There you have it- easy ways to build a dog house.
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