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At the end of the eighteenth century, a settlement called 'Head-of-the-Lake' came into being. It was in thick forest with all kinds of wildlife, including bears, wolves and snakes for the settlers to contend with. George Hamilton, a settler and early politician, laid out the early gridwork of streets in 1815, and the town was named after him. There are more than 1000ha of parklands and hiking trails within the area of Hamilton, a wonderful drawcard for nature lovers. If you take the Bruce Trail that runs along the Niagara Escarpment you will see more than 100 waterfalls! Hamilton is known for its services, particularly in the health sector. It has one of the most comprehensive health systems in Canada. This consists of a group of six hospitals as well as a cancer centre. The health centre employs just under 10,000 people and serves close to 2.3 million people in Ontario's south and west central area. There is also a research centre where more than 500 scientists work on medical projects, some of the most pressing problems in health today. In particular, research is being concentrated on vascular and heart diseases, and strokes. Hamilton is also a growing destination for art enthusiasts. The city has ample facilities that include art galleries, recording studios and studios housing a burgeoning film industry. The Art Gallery of Hamilton is the third largest public art gallery in Ontario, and has over 9,000 works on display. There is also the McMaster Museum of Art, situated on the McMaster University campus where a collection of more than 6,000 works of art are on display. Beside these two galleries, many smaller private and public art galleries are to be found in Hamilton, with wide varieties and styles of artworks. In this city you will find a variety of different kinds and sizes of limousine for a wedding, party or a special night out. You will find smaller sleek classic limousines, highly spectacular stretch limos, limo buses and limo party vehicles, each kind serving a different need and different personalities. In Hamilton, as a vibrantly industrialised and business orientated city, high powered business meetings, medical seminars, and meetings of top level industrialists, mean that limos are always going to be in great demand. Travelling in a limo provides privacy, style, status and the most dignified way of arriving at important meeting destinations and leaving again afterwards. As you can imagine, where film stars, recording artists, art fanciers, painters and sculptors gather, there you will see the height of glitz and glamour. This kind of atmosphere demands the status that fashion, beauty and luxury bring, and this includes limos and stretch limos. There is no other way to arrive at a movie or theatre premier or opening night of an art exhibition if you are anyone who needs to be noticed.
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