Best Ways To Save Money

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-03
Plan More. Shop Less. Spend Less. Save money by going grocery shopping less often. Many people go to the grocery store several times a week. You always seem to buy more than you went in for. To save money go to the grocery store only once every two weeks. With a little planning you can get everything you need and cut your grocery bill in half. Best Ways To Raise Kids Keep Your Family Size Manageable. Simple: Don't have too many kids. The less children you have, the more time you will have for them AND your spouse. Your family will flourish in the long run. Best Ways To Maintain Relationships Do Something That Will Be Appreciated. I try to do something every day that I know my husband will really appreciate above and beyond just everyday things. I may surprise him one day by doing one of his chores for him to get it out of his way. I'll pick up something special for him if I'm out. I try to pick at least one thing to do every day that I know will make him smile, it doesn't take much just to let someone know you appreciate them and think about them. Best Ways To Travel One Bag. Take only one bag! Most people overpack anyway and now that they are charging for bags the smaller the amount that you bring the lower your cost and the easier and quicker it is for you to get out of the airport. If you really need something that you didn't bring, you'll be able to get it at your destination. Best Ways To Save The Planet Compost Lawn Waste. I have a lawn care service. I end up with a lot of trash. I compost all the leaves and other material that is bio-degradeable. This keeps the items from winding up in landfills and it makes a great garden. Best Ways To Advance Your Career Take Certificate Courses. I've taken certificate courses to demonstrate that I've added skills. I then followed up by taking and passing a series of professional exams related to the skill. Best Ways To Cook Emeril would approve. I put Cajun seasoning on almost everything. From french fries to tomato soup. Best Ways To Clean Washing windows. When washing the outside of windows, first wipe the window with a wet cloth to remove the loose dirt. When that is done, use your regular cleaning solution and rags. It will clean up much faster with less chance of streaks forming. Best Ways To Maintain Your Health An hour a day. In order to stay healthy, I try my best to do some form of an activity daily. Whether it is riding a bike, going to the gym, or going for a walk, I try to do something for about an hour. Sometimes it is slightly difficult to keep up with the schedule but I know it will benefit me in the end. Best Ways To Get An Education Make History Come Alive. I was very uninterested in history in grade and early highschool. Then in my second year in of high school I had a wonderful History teacher who made history come alive for me and make sense to me,from then on my grades in history went from a C to a A+ Best Ways To Experience The Divine Meditation In A Quiet Place. I connect with my higher power through meditation. I find a nice quiet place and I open myself to the power of the divine. I have had many experiences and insight on things in my life using this method. Best Ways To Accept Mortality Discuss It With Your Kids. When something really terrible happens like the death of the nine year old little girl who was shot to death in front of the grocery store at the political rally I disusses it with my three young daughters. I explain it to them as simply as possible what has happened and that while it is not likely to happen to them it is possible and if it does I would do everything in my power to keep them safe and if they did die eventually we would all be together again and that Grandpa is waiting for them to be with them. They should think of death as an exciting part of an adventure we all get to take and eventually we'll all see each other again. It's sad for the people left here on Earth but it's just your body that's stopped working not the part of you that makes you, you! Best Ways To Celebrate The Holidays Start A Tradition. The most special holiday for me is Thanksgiving. It's not actually about the dinner with family that makes it important to me. I started a tradition when my oldest daughter was born in 1993. On Thanksgiving day after dinner, my Christmas tree goes up and gets decorated. No matter how tired, over-whelmed, or chaotic Thanksgiving is, I will always continue with this tradition. One day when both my daughters are older and have their own families, I truly hope they continue this tradition. Best Ways To Be Romantic Etta James Would Approve. When I was first dating the woman I now happily call my wife, I had put together a tape of some of my favorite music that I thought she might like. We were playing it at her apartment when she went into the kitchen to get something. I knew that the next song was 'At Last' by Etta James. I decided to stop the tape and start it up when she entered the room and I took her hand and we danced to what would become our song. Best Ways To Be Creative Bonus Creativity. To try to get others to be creative in the workplace I offer them small bonuses and gifts when they show innovation. It is a pretty obvious thing to do but it helps to get people to think outside of the box. I give them giftcards or even small cash bonuses. Best Ways To Be Beautiful Be patient and understanding. Believe it or not, patience and understanding can be far more attractive qualities than physical beauty. From that point of view, conflict actually creates opportunities to make yourself more appealing by giving an opportunity to practice and cultivate the attractive qualities of understanding and patience. Best Ways To Raise Pets Sleep button for dogs. I can make almost any dog fall asleep by squeezing his/her legs. It's basically a massage by squeezing the muscles in the legs gently and working your way slowly down to even the paws (it works even on dogs with sensitive paws). I repeat the movement again and again until the dog falls asleep. Best Ways To Grow Plants Pay attention to detail. I pay attention very closely to detail. I have excellent memory regarding how my plants look, and how they've changed. I am a neat freak, and keep any kind of mildew or mold away from my plants. Best Ways To Be Happy Cleaning Makes Me Happy. It makes me happy to be clean in the rooms of N.A. with all of the new clean friends I have now. Just to be able to get up in the morning and feel good is great. Best Ways To Cope With Family Take a 6 year-old shopping. My mother is quirky to say the least. Going shopping with her is never a quick trip,in fact you should consider packing an overnight bag when you go. She has to try on every single white tshirt in the store a minimum of 3 times before she will make a decision, and sometimes will leave without anything. This goes for clothes or dish soap. Usually I try not to go but have found having a 6 year old son does wonders in getting her out of a store. She is a stong believer is a child starts to whine or fuss you need to take them out of the store immediatly. Being that my son has a short patience span is a curse and a blessing. Best Ways To Coach A Team Diving: List Of Can't Do. During my senior year of high school, I was having a hard time throwing any of my dives. At my first meet, instead of putting in a list of the dives I could do, my coach made a list of the dives that I hadn't been doing. Even though I was really angry with him, it got me to throw my harder dives. Best Ways To Master Computers Control-Shift-Escape. I don't know much about computers, but sometimes I need to shut down a program running in the background (like Firefox, for example) for one reason or another. If I press control, shift, and escape a window pops up to allow me to close a program. Best Life Lessons Love Is Precious. I have learned that love is precious. We shouldn't be so stuck in the idea of right and wrong that we deprive people of that joy. We aren't the ultimate judge. Best Ways To Have Fun No Expectations. Fun for me is making a day out of nothing at all. Expectations are what spoils a good time, so the most fun you can have is to simply wake up, get out of bed, and do whatever strikes your fancy or go wherever your mood takes you. The most fun I've ever had is a summer full of lazy days in the backyard, at the beach or in the ball pit at McDonalds with a 3 year-old.
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