Bit density and robustness of the HP C7974A LTO4

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-12
HP LTO4 is more beneficial as it can be confidently used in LTO products manufactured by Hewlett-Packard and non-HP ultrium tape products as well. HP LTO products guarantee high durability, unmatched quality and superior data reliability because of the stringent testing programs of Hewlett-Packard. This testing system of HP tape products assures that every tape cartridge deliver high level of reliability every time the tape cartridge is loaded into the tape drive. HP LTO4 tape media has provided more flexibility and easiness to the IT mangers. HP LTO 4 ultrium technology has eased the stress to handle and accommodate the increasing data amounts with high level of efficiency and performance. With compressed information, the transfer rate of LTO4 doubles from its native speed (120 MB/s) and extends up to 240 Mb/sec. Similarly the recording capability of HP C7974A tape also doubles to reach 1600 GB from its uncompressed 800GB capacity. Its data recording ability and performance are unparalleled. 12.5 seconds are taken by the HP LTO-3 tape cartridge to backup 1-GB information while on the other hand 8.3 seconds are required by the HP LTO 4 cartridge to backup 1-GB information. It takes more than 30 seconds by LTO-2 ultrium technology to backup 1 gigabyte of data. The size of magnetic particles used in HP C7974A tape media has been reduced significantly to improve its bit density. The smoother base film is very helpful in increasing its bit density thus enabling it to accommodate massive data amounts. More information can reside in a small sized HP C7974A tape cartridge. The small sized particles assisted in increasing the data tracks quantity up to 896 to enable the HP LTO-4 to record 800 GB uncompressed data. More tape length can be packed in the HP LTO-4 tape cartridge of same size due to its thinner and smooth base film, thus contributing in increasing the recording capacity of ultrium cartridge. The margin has been increased in HP LTO-4 between its EOM (end of media) and the EWEOM (Early Warning End of Media). This means that when the tapes will be copied that complete data will fit on to the required tape destination. HP LTO4 tape media simplifies the management of stored information and records as the complete sets of data can be easily maintained on single ultrium cartridges and this can be done without spanning multiple tapes in an archive.
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