Books are an incredibly large investment. First of all

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-14
For most book lovers packed bookshelves will be something of a requirement. You need somewhere to put all those books and you may not have space for more shelves. When transferring your books to storage the first thing you will want to do is ensure that they are clean. A dirty book, thrown into the mix, will not going far in helping preserve the condition of your collection. Those dust covers are there for a reason! Once your books are nice and tidy you will want to choose the right container for storage. There are plenty of different book boxes out there and this process can be a little overwhelming. A plastic bin should be your storage container of choice. When choosing the plastic bin make sure to inquire about the durability of the plastic. Some plastics, such as PVC and cellulose acetate are not good choices. Your best bet, in fact, will be to go with a polypropylene based plastic bin. This will provide the best protection from the elements and potential hazards that may come in contact with the container. Though the protection of a plastic bin will outlast other storage methods in the long run, they can be expensive. If you have short term storage needs then high quality cardboard book boxes also be used. So you have your books cleaned and the container picked out, now to actually storing them. Placing them in your container is one of the most critical parts of the entire process. First of all, books should not be packed with other items! The chemicals found with other items, even glass, can be harmful to the books structural integrity. When placing the books in your book boxes try to keep similar sized books together. This will ensure that more books can be placed into a box, while at the same time protecting smaller books from being damaged by the larger books. This applies to hard cover and soft cover books as well. A soft cover book will be more susceptible to damage when placed in a book with hard covers. In fact, if there is any room for the books to move around in the box this could cause rips and tears in the soft cover books. Your best bet will be to place a packing material, preferably cloth, in the box to prevent books from moving around during transport. When you have finished placing the books in the boxes properly, make sure to seal the boxes well with tape. Even the plastic bins should be sealed with tape as this will provide one last line of defence from the elements. At the same time, this will ensure that no containers come open during moving or storing them. Then make sure to categorize your books. Books should have been placed in the storage boxes with other similar books. Hardcover's with hardcover's and so on. You may also want to label them by genre if your collection is extra large. This will make for easy retrieval of what you are searching for later on. Lastly, make sure to check on your books every now and then. Don't just throw them in the storage facility, or garage, and forget about them. Things can happen, and often do, to items while in storage.
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