Buried pipelines polyolefin adhesive tape usage instructions based on polyethylene tape standard

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

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buried pipeline polyolefins adhesive tape on the outer wall of steel pipe anticorrosion protection tape, such as: polyethylene tape, anticorrosion tape, thick rubber type polyethylene polypropylene fiber tape, epoxy coal asphalt cold wind belt and viscoelastic body tape.

the old standard 'steel pipeline polyethylene tape coating technology standard SY/T0414 - Appendix C in 1998, pipeline anticorrosion tape for usage instructions, standard page 17 C. 0. 1 illustrates the manual mechanical winding when the dosage of; Page 18 C. 0. 2 have machinery winding dosage instructions; Page 19 C. 0. And the dosage of 3 manual machinery winding pipe anticorrosion adhesive tape and supporting anti-corrosion primer did indicate the normal loss when the site construction.

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