Buried steel pipeline anticorrosion coating technology

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

today we say is the outer, fill pipeline anticorrosion we need to pay attention to:

& have spent

1, pipeline ditch before should carefully check the groove depth, bearing is in line with the requirements, and ditch cleaning.


2, according to different pipe diameter specifications, determine the hoisting distance, hoisting, crane sets, with a soft nylon tape.


3, pipeline ditch before, should check again the anti-corrosion insulation quality, repairing quality, found to immediately make a clear identification, damage and breakdown for all processing under the rear can ditch.


4, pipeline is put in the natural ground or tube bed, every 20 m covered tube with fixed and then bulldozing, in case of running deviation.


5, backfill around pipeline, operating under the pipe and backfilling sand pit, layering, ramming, above the bottom of the tube to tube center compaction backfill soil, artificial ramming every 200 mm layer, ramming to 120 mm.


6, pipe trench backfill shall be carried out around the pipe after the backfill, backfill soil grain of less than 100 mm, the pipe trench depth is not enough parts should be defined by the 1. 25 more high backfill.


7, winter to backfill should be after using artificial soil to tube top 20 cm high, then use mechanical backfill to design level.

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