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by:Yourijiu     2021-09-02
In front of a stationery counter, the lady surnamed Yao reluctantly followed her son and carried the selected stationery for him. The final checkout cost almost 300 yuan. 'Actually, those tin pencil boxes that cost a few yuan each are really durable.' Ms. Yao said. Then why do you want to buy such an expensive one? 'The reporter asked her.' Well, anyway, it's not bad for the money to buy stationery. There is only this child in the family, and all the classmates use this kind of stationery. If he does not have it, it will hurt the child's self-esteem. 'MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 pounds Normal0 is connected. In front of a stationery counter, the lady surnamed Yao reluctantly followed her son and carried the selected stationery for him. The last checkout cost almost 300 yuan. In fact, those few dollars were spent. Only a metal pencil case is really durable. Ms. Yao said. Why do you want to buy such an expensive one? The reporter asked her. Alas, it’s not bad to buy stationery anyway. There is only one child at home, the classmates use it. It’s all this kind of stationery. If he doesn’t have it, I’m afraid it will hurt the child’s self-esteem.    Ms. Yao told reporters that every new semester the children are clamoring to buy new stationery. In fact, many old stationery can still be used, but the children love it. More luxurious and newer stationery. Now there are more and more patterns of stationery, and the price is getting more and more expensive, but the children will like the new styles in a few days. We can only save money in other places and try our best to meet the children's requirements. It is this kind of accommodating psychology of parents that makes luxury stationery sell well in the market.    Expert opinion: Comparing psychology is insufficient and luxury consumption should be restricted in the face of selling luxury stationery. Many senior teachers and education experts pointed out that behind this is the comparison of children. Parents should pay attention to the guidance of their children and not just accommodating them. Liu Wei, the vice principal of Guilin Feifeng Primary School, believes that when it comes to purchasing school supplies for children, parents should not give their children what they want, let alone think. This is the greatest support for children’s learning. This will encourage children’s extravagant consumption and comparison mentality, and can also give children the illusion that they have a high status at home, and gradually develop that they also force their parents to oversatisfy themselves on other issues. The bad habit of requirements. Yu Xiaowen, a moral education researcher at the Forest City Institute of Educational Science, believes that the attitude of parents is very important to their children. Some parents worry that their children will be wronged, but unconditionally meet their children’s requirements, and some parents even let themselves My children are more material than other children’s thoughts, but they don’t know that this inadvertent comparability will also affect the children. Education experts believe that stationery is the children’s companion day and night, simple stationery and luxurious stationery The concepts left in the hearts of children are different. The comparison of the two concepts may cause children to prematurely care about material things, which is not conducive to the development of children's good personality. It is recommended that parents should allow economic conditions In the case of, as a reward for good grades, you can occasionally buy a few peculiar and novel stationery items for your child. This will improve your child’s learning enthusiasm and will not make the child develop a habit. But you can’t buy these luxurious stationery in order to make your child materially surpass other children or to accommodate the child ignorantly.
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