Can tape be used to tie vegetables? Dongguan sealing tape production

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
Dongguan sealing tape production shares with you: the tapes produced are various and different in styles, but our common tape is transparent tape. Some people say that the tape contains a certain amount of formaldehyde. Some experts have proved that the formaldehyde content of one kilogram of vegetables tied with tape is about 30 mg. If it is washed with water, it reaches 10 mg, while the vegetables that have not been tied with tape are 3 mg, which is far less than that of vegetables tied with tape. Therefore, the formaldehyde content of vegetables bound with tape is seriously exceeding the standard. Because there is no food tape yet, the tape cannot be used to bind vegetables. Therefore, the sealing tape should still be bought with good quality! If you want to buy a good tape, look for the price of Foshan sealing tape.
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