Can the crossover of stationery improve the performance of stationery store retail?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-29
Stationery cross-border, can it really improve the performance of stationery store retail? July 7, 2016 Century Stationery Network | Previous Article Next Article This information address: Browse: 1005 times...Stationery cross-border, it can really improve Is the retail performance of the stationery store? July 7, 2016 Century Stationery Net | Previous Article Next Article This information address: Browse: 1005 times Recently, the most discussed topic in the stationery circle should be cross World. In the stationery shop in Zibo, in order to extend the time for customers to stay in the shop, a flower shop, a book bar, a western food area, and a pet area were added to the stationery, turning the stationery shop into a complex shop. Customers can sit down in the store to drink, read, and chat, and feel the unique cultural atmosphere here. 01 Is it really a way out for stationery stores to cross-border stationery? We are now experiencing a difficult period in the physical stores of stationery. Whether it is the impact of Internet e-commerce or the change of consumer's consumption concept, it is for all industries Both brought a big impact. But at the same time, due to the existence of this kind of impact, each of us is faced with many new opportunities. It is also the best era for each of us. We can use various methods to explore the road of each store. In fact, many stationery people are already doing some exploration mode. For example, the Zibo Stationery Crossover mentioned above combines stationery with other cultural projects to create a platform and space to enrich the content in the store and bring some functional satisfaction to consumers. Stationery complex stores may bring some changes to physical stationery stores. Of course, this model is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Every stationery person is also in the process of exploring. 02The essence of cross-border is to increase the sense of different experience. Consumers now value experience more and more. Stationery stores are constantly adopting new measures to attract customers and extend their stay time. If you only rely on a single function of the product, the experience is very unattractive. In such a situation, we should let our store have more functions and make our products more rich. In other industries, you can also see the existence of many complex stores, such as IKEA selling furniture, but also selling catering. If every one of our physical stores can not only satisfy a functional demand of consumers, then we will do better. As our stationery retail industry, we must consider the brand's positioning and relevance, and the integration of the brand's upstream and downstream industrial chains, and the organic integration with other formats is actually the most critical. 03 The premise of cross-border is to do our main business well, but cross-border cannot turn the cart before the horse. Without the main business, cross-border will lose its foundation. Many stationery retail store managers forget that their main business is stationery and lose their way. At the same time, if the crossover cannot create greater value for the core customers, it is not worth it. All cross-borders are to serve customers better, and starting from the needs of consumers is the fundamental. Like Eslite Bookstore, as a shopping mall with bookstores, in order to better satisfy customers’ feeling and experience of staying and shopping, Eslite also sells restaurants, accessories, etc., but these things are not his main business, they are others. It's sold in a store in Eslite. If Eslite Bookstore is desperately trying to make itself a Starbucks, it is that painting a tiger is not an anti-dog. Revolving around the needs of the core customer groups of their own products will produce 1+1 greater than 2. 04. Improving cultural value is the primary consideration for cross-industry. Now people's needs are increasing, and changes are getting faster and faster. When our basic life needs are met, our spiritual and cultural needs increase, and we are more willing to pay for our spiritual needs. The crossover of spiritual culture is the essence of crossover. If you observe the current high school students, you will find that more and more students pay attention to the value beyond the product function. People born after the 00s and 10s have more cultural attributes and preferences in their consumption. Many stationery store managers have not really entered the hearts of consumers, but stayed at the superficial level of business. And the living hall should have experience function, and multi-functional satisfaction is the core. And the pure retail function cannot represent the living hall. This also requires that all the store managers should not stay the same, start from the perspective of consumers and adapt to the changes of the times! 05 Cross-border, there is still a long way to go in China’s current business situation. Each place is at a different stage in the stationery retail industry. Consumers in first-tier cities can only represent first-tier cities and cannot represent the whole of China. After all, in the mature stationery market, the stationery retail industry has at least undergone several generations of changes. Information source: Internet
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