Can we arrange the best cloth tape shipment by ourselves or by our agent?
Generally, customers working with Fujian Youyi Adhesive Tape Group Co., Ltd. can arrange the shipment of cloth tape in the preferred way. If you choose to deliver the goods by yourselves or your agent, please know that you will be responsible for delivering or for arranging the delivery of the goods and will be liable for full possible damage and risks in the course of delivery. For example, in the event of any fire, explosion, or other accidents, we bear no liability. Before delivering your goods, please notice that sign a legal contract for delivering goods with your agent and pay the insurance for those valuable products, or else you will regret it if something bad happens in the transit of goods.

Youyi plays a great role in global market for pvc tape. The pvc tape series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The product has a definite elasticity. It is able to regain its initial shape and size after removal of load. It will not peel off even splashed with water. Youyi has great scientific research strength and has accumulated rich experiences in marketing. It comes with the general purpose and high-temperature series.

Producing rice paper tape from customer's point of view will make Yourijiu stronger. Inquire now!
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