Car stickers are a cheap and effective way of

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-06
Steps to be followed One of the first steps that need to be taken is to wash the vehicle thoroughly to get rid of dust and grime. If you are planning to use window stickers, wipe the chosen window pane with a cloth dipped in alcohol. This will ensure that the surface is smooth and devoid of dirt. After this, use a masking tape and a ruler to align them on the desired area. Stick the tape along one side of the car horizontally, so that it stays in place. Once this is done, slowly lift the bottom of the sticker so that it faces you and then peel away the adhesive backing gently. Once this is in place, use a credit card or some other laminated card to press the sticker evenly onto the surface. This will help in removing air bubbles and wrinkles that may have got caught beneath the car sticker. The final step involves pressing them firmly onto the surface and then gently removing the masking tape which was glued to one side of the sticker. Pull off the masking tape gently to avoid damaging the surface. Have another person assist you while applying the sticker to avoid mishaps. For the best results, select normal weather condition for the application of your car sticker. Do not do it in extreme cold or heat. While applying a sticker to the windows, do not use any harsh chemicals for cleaning as it may damage the adhesive present on the sticker. Different types of stickers These can be used on any part of the vehicle. Bumpers, windows, windshields and side doors are some common areas. Out of these options, window stickers are gaining popularity among car decorators. There are basically four kinds of stickers you can apply to your window. They are: vinyl lettering cut in different sizes, magnetic stickers, simple adhesive stickers and pid plates. Look at the various options available before selecting them for your car or bike.
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