Cardboard boxes are extremely easy to recycle

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-15
If your cardboard boxes cannot be sold on, given away or are damaged beyond use then you can still help the environment by recycling. Most local authorities have schemes to collect cardboard and recycle the cardboard boxes, alternatively you can take your cardboard boxes to a local recycling bank. If you collect your cardboard to recycle in cardboard boxes then you will not have to separate it later. For large companies wanting to recycle cardboard boxes there are companies that will collect containers full of cardboard boxes and pay you for them. The corrugated cardboard companies then use these recycled cardboard boxes as the input fibre instead of new trees and currently in the UK get over 70% of their 2 million tonnes of fibre for making new cardboard boxes this way. For the other 30% of fibre needed, fast growing softwood trees that are being planted faster than they are being used are used from sustainable forestry resources. Cardboard boxes are made from corrugated cardboard which in turn is made from paper. Paper is the only packaging material manufactured from a renewable source. Finding cardboard boxes for shipping is just the first step when preparing to send an item locally or internationally. Proper sealing of the box will ensure your precious items remain safely inside while in transit and the right selection and application of tapes will make all the difference. This article is a review of Pack & Send, and provides valuable tips for finding the best cardboard boxes for your needs.Pack & Send are your one-stop shop for all your storage, packing supplies and shipping requirements. Visit the Pack & Send Website to browse their selection of boxes, or for an online quote. Choosing the right tape The first step in properly sealing moving boxes is choosing the right tape for the job. Pack & Send recommends either pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon-reinforced tape on your cardboard box for a couple of reasons. First, these tapes are the easiest and most convenient to use for your shipping needs. Pack & Send's range of tapes have a strong adhesive that bonds to a broad range of surfaces and shapes. You can find a selection of heavy duty polypropylene backed tapes with synthetic rubber adhesive. through Pack & Send's website or at one of their retail stores. Application of tape Whether you are sealing large cardboard boxes or something a bit smaller, the way that you apply the tape will make a difference. Pack & Send suggests applying three strips to the top and bottom of your packing boxes to keep the cardboard packaging intact during transit. Avoid using masking tape, cellophane tape or string. These types of tape do not fall within postal guidelines and will not remain secure during shipping. String can cut through small cardboard boxes and damage the box and the contents within. Customs inspections When boxes are shipped both domestically and internationally it is possible that they will be opened by customs agents for inspection. This occurs while in transit and you will not know when it happens. Rest assured that customs agents are responsible for resealing packages using the highest possible standards. This means your shipment from Australia will arrive intact even if it is subject to inspection while en route. The last but most important part of this cycle of recycled cardboard boxes is you the buyer. Without people willing to buy recycled cardboard boxes it would just end up in landfill. So make sure when you next buy cardboard boxes you ask for recycled cardboard boxes.
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