Causes of high temperature tape wear

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-05
High-temperature tape is an adhesive tape that can be used in high-temperature operating environments. Like some parts that require anti-sticking, heat-sealing, corrosion-resistant insulation, etc., it can be pasted, and it has the function of repeated pasting. There are many classifications of high temperature tapes, the common ones mainly include KAPTON high temperature tape, Teflon high temperature tape, high temperature masking tape, PET green high temperature tape, high temperature double-sided tape and so on. So do you know what causes the wear of the high temperature tape?

The reason for the wear of the high temperature tape:

1. First of all, oxygen, most combustible materials will cause oxidation Reaction, so oxygen will cause high temperature tape aging. However, this comparison is similar to natural aging, because it is rarely used in a vacuum environment.

2. Next is ultraviolet rays or sunlight. This is closely related to the working environment. Indoors and outdoors will definitely have different degrees of wear. The outdoor environment will accelerate the aging of the high-temperature tape.

3. Metal corrosion, as the name implies, is used in a metal environment. The materials that are more likely to cause corrosion of the tape are copper and rust. Also

4. One of them is bleach, which can also cause abrasion of high-temperature tape.

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