Ceramic tile seam with textured paper?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
The masking tape is composed of crepe paper and pressure sensitive adhesive made of paper, coated with pressure sensitive adhesive on the other side, the other side with the adhering materials, with high temperature resistance, good chemical solvent resistance, strong adhesion, easy tear, stick a soft cloth, no residue glue, etc. < br / >

the masking tape as a beauty of a construction tool, has not been approved by the majority of users, but a selection of tools, in construction, less picky users don't use it.

but beautiful beauty of masking tape is not to choose the tools, use the beauty of beautiful masking tape also has certain requirements.


the masking tape is used before the seam, which prevent the sewing agent timely stick on the surface of ceramic tile, it is difficult to remove after failing to remove problem.

first of all, we need to know, the use of decorative paper need to decide according to home and the type of ceramic tile, if your home is relatively smooth ceramic tile ( Rep: polishing brick) , so you don't need to don't cause too much trouble, because the seam an agent for a long time before solidification to clean ceramic tile, and sewing agent before solidification was still easy to remove.

however, if the floor of the house are the ceramic tile of black lines ( Rep: archaize brick) , crepe paper, why? Because there are many dark or dark grain ceramic tile, so when sewing agent paint overflow residual material is easy to seep into the dark hole or wiring, also cannot be eliminated with a shovel. Even if eliminated, would damage the surface of ceramic tile, the final yield will not loss, so it is necessary to use beautiful crepe paper.

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