Characteristics and applications of thermal tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-10
Thermally conductive tape, also known as thermally conductive double-sided tape, has high thermal conductivity, high viscosity, and low thermal resistance. It can effectively replace thermal paste and mechanical fixation characteristics, and is used to fill the uneven gap between the heat source and the metal product. Take away the heat generated by electronic products to achieve the effect of cooling and heat dissipation.

Among them, thermally conductive adhesive tapes can be divided into substrates and non-substrates. The common compositions are pressure-sensitive adhesives with acrylic and silicone substrates. Acrylic is the base material, which is suitable for porcelain and metal interfaces, while the silicone base material is thermally conductive tape, which is often used for plastic contact surfaces. In addition, the common reinforcing material of thermally conductive tape is glass fiber or Polyimide to increase stiffness and withstand voltage.

Thermal tape is often used to adhere small or elongated electronic components. Because of its thermal conductivity and adhesive functions, it is suitable for small chips on computer motherboards and small heat sinks for video display cards. Or the panel of the backlight module, etc.

Early chips do not require a heat sink. As the performance of electronic products continues to improve and the size is relatively reduced. The demand for heat dissipation is increasing day by day, so small heat dissipation fins are used, which is also one of the most commonly used applications of thermal tape.

How to use thermal tape:

1. Measure the required area first, and cut it according to its length and width.

2. Then tear off the film and stick it between the heat-generating product and the heat sink as smoothly as possible.

3. If the matching heat sink is large and heavy, it is recommended to use a fixing frame before the glue is applied to prevent the heat sink from falling off.

Where can the thermal tape be applied?

Product features: good adhesion and thermal conductivity, easy to operate.

Usage: LED lights, backlight modules, IC and other products.

Advantages of thermally conductive tape:

1. It is easy to operate for the thermal connection of LED chip and radiator, and solves the problem of difficult operation of thermal paste, uneven application, and defective products caused by overflow of glue.

2. It can replace screws, fasteners and other fixing methods.

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