Characteristics of polypropylene adhesive tape products is introduced

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


polypropylene adhesive tape, also known as polyester, polypropylene fiber anticorrosive tape, pp anticorrosive tape, base material: polyester film, adhesive system: rubber. This product appearance via special disposal, peel force, low noise, good adhesion, with 130 ℃ / HRS of heat-resistant characteristic of cold strip not degumming. Its characteristic is polypropylene tape uncover silent, leaving no adhesive residue, suitable for electrical appliances, fixed polypropylene tape moving parts, such as: door, cover and other fixed. Suitable for refrigerator parts foaming paste when use.


product features:

& have spent

1。 Base material of reticular fiber structure, which reaches the tensile, compression resistance and resistance produced by the soil stress creep damage effect, also has a unique piece suit resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistant ability.


2。 High viscosity thick rubber and need anti-corrosion protection of the surface viscosity is extremely strong, the anticorrosion adhesive tape itself it adhesion is strong, there will not be a gap of concave and convex surface, to ensure the water and water vapor permeability.


3。 The unique material and advanced technology, to ensure the polypropylene adhesive with good heat aging resistance, and corrosion resistance and shock resistance. Also has the very good resistance to ultraviolet ability, often exposed space not pulverization, don't fall off.


4。 Flexible substrate, a thick rubber, makes it flexible operation, a single layer construction forming to the strengthening of SY/T0414 technology standard level and strengthening the level, improve the work efficiency, save the comprehensive cost.


5。 Ease of use, the scene manually, factory machinery winding belt.

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