China adhesive tape industry's cyclical, regional and seasonal factors analysis

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

1。 Seasonal < br />
tape is high commonality of industrial consumer goods, many product categories, specifications, consumer scattered and each department. Conveyor belt production and sales of no obvious seasonal. Due to the seasonal agricultural production, agricultural V belt 5 - June and September October is the selling season, other no obvious seasonal V belt products.
< br /> 2。 Upstream industry development impact on tape industry < br />
rubber producers continue to expand in recent years, natural rubber, the newly planted natural rubber phase will start to produce the glue, the supply of natural rubber will continue to rise. Our country large quantities of synthetic rubber production of the project, increase the supply capacity of synthetic rubber. In addition, the tire industry growth is slowing, reduced the demand for rubber, guarantee the sufficient supply of the rubber belt industry. < br />
but the rubber price by the oil price, exchange rate changes, the weather changes, and many other factors, the extent of fluctuations is bigger, the frequency is higher. With adhesive tape products from order to delivery a period of time, the price of rubber production and business operation activities of tape industry short-term impact. / /

3。 Of adhesive tape industry impact on the development of downstream industries

industry downstream of a wide range of belt, throughout the various sectors of national economy and the field, including machinery, metallurgy, electric power, mining, chemical industry, building materials and port, etc. Adhesive tape industry is the industry supporting industry and related industries, the industry of adhesive tape consumption accounts for the proportion of the total domestic consumption is higher, so the above industry cycle will affect the adhesive tape industry market demand.

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