China's first stationery design competition launched on the Internet in July

by:Yourijiu     2021-09-05
Supported by the Guangzhou General Chamber of Commerce, China Industrial Design Association, and China Patent Protection Association, undertaken by Guangzhou Yiyuan Office Supplies Co., Ltd., and sponsored by China Department Store Merchants Association, 'China's First Stationery Design Competition' will be officially launched on July 1st. , Will meet with the majority of netizens across the country. MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 lbNormal0 is strongly supported by Guangzhou General Chamber of Commerce, China Industrial Design Association, China Patent Protection Association, undertaken by Guangzhou Yiyuan Office Supplies Co., Ltd., and hosted by China Department Store Merchants Association. The first China Stationery Design Competition will be held on July 1st. Officially log on to the Internet and will meet with all netizens across the country. In order to enhance the corporate brand image as a whole, and conform to the four modernizations (fashionization, giftization, high-endization, branding) of today’s stationery development, the 2006 China First Stationery Design Competition with the theme of “small stationery? The popular online public opinion carried out the design work online PK contest in a trendy and challenging way. This design work network PK event will be conducted simultaneously on and Visual Alliance. The majority of netizens will directly participate in the selection process of design works or products, so that effective works can be selected in a fair and just manner, and it can be used for participating companies and their brands. Provide a good publicity platform. At the same time, special guests appeared on the live Sina video live to give objective and professional analysis of PK works. It is reported that this design work network PK event will conduct a comprehensive collection of PK entries from July 1st to August 1st. The organizing committee will successively display all the entries on the official website of the competition and link to Sina and Visual Alliance. The online PK topic includes the submitted entries of individuals and companies. The earlier individuals and companies submit their works, the greater the attention of the organizing committee, the more clicks from netizens, and the higher the chance of winning. The competition will close on August 1, and the organizing committee will conduct online works display and audition from August 1 to 15, and select the top 16 works for netizen PK. The top 16 finals will begin on August 15. Netizens use the voting system to conduct PK selection, and select 1 Best Stationery Popularity Award, 1 Visual Alliance Most Popular Stationery Award, 20 Netizen Participation Awards, and 10 Lucky Netizen Awards, and they will receive high bonuses. With a wealth of prizes, the award party will announce the list of lucky winners. The form of PK is nowadays a popular national competition method, which is easy to resonate with the majority of netizens. This design work network PK event has strong support from the industry associations and government departments of the competition itself, and has strong credibility. The organizing committee looks forward to the enthusiasm of stationery manufacturers to participate in the competition, and work together to build corporate brand, enhance corporate image, and increase corporate reputation!'s Best Stationery Popularity Award and Vision Alliance's Most Popular Stationery Award will receive a 2000 yuan cash prize and award certificates; netizens participating in the voting will have a chance to get a rich gift worth 100 yuan; lucky netizens will also receive 500 yuan Cash jackpot. Raise your hands and vote for your favorite, and you will have a chance to win unexpected and surprise prizes. There is a lot of joy and fun!
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