Christmas a time for faith and family is also

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-28
We have created a list of s few things you can make as a family. Try it at the end of the day we think you'll like what you have created. One of the ways to do this is with local materials that you may have in your own yard. Think back to when you were a kid and we use to make things. Our mom would gather us up early in the morning and take us outside to gather supplies. We have recreated some of these ideas and hope you enjoy them. 1. Supplies can be many things. If your in the south like us pine cones are number one on the list and don't forget pine straw. Most houses here in the South have at least one Holly bush. Don't worry about cutting as much as you need the more you cut holly bushes the better they like it. Also if you have a patch you have let go a little wild you may find some dried wild flowers. Look for birds nest that are going un used. Even brightly colored fall leaves can be used. If you really look close you will find you have unlimited supplies. 2. First thing to do is get a game plan. I know sounds a little to much like work but gather your friend or kids around and its just a matter of everybody picking something they want to make. Remember this is a season for celebration so what ever you make while not prefect is much better than something you buy. Every time you look at that wreath your son or daughter made you see them. 3. Forgot a few more supplies you may need are a little string, glue and a strong sticky tape that is used secure packages. 4. I think everybody would agree a Christmas wreath is one of the first things we learned to make as kids. There are several ways to start. Some people take wire coat hangers and bend them into a circle and twist the ends together. The easy way is to have a few cable ties on hand and use these to secure the two ends. You make 3 or 4 of these rings and join them together. This is your base you then weave your holly branches or pine straw until you get the look you want. Pine cones or even your bird nest can be added to the center of the wreath. The idea is to make something you like and enjoy. 5.Another idea is to make decorations to set on coffee tables or end tables. Again there are several ways to do this. The easy way is to find a large plate and put a little double sided tape in the center and pace a small bowel that you can place Christmas candy or nuts. You Then surround the bowel with a little holly, pine straw and maybe some small pine cones. Again pick out what you like and just enjoy the season. 6. What is Christmas without a tree. Here is where I think you can let your ideas run wild. Weave a few small wreaths from holly and pine straw add a little ribbon and maybe some bows. Hang some pine cones as ornaments. The ideas are endless. On a personal note I believe Christmas is first and foremost about our faith and family. Lets slow down a little bit and think about the people we have around us now and those that we have lost. There is a lot we have to be thankful for. Into days world we must return to the simple values and beliefs that have made us what we are today. We wish you a Happy Christmas and the best for you and your family. Look to each other for strength and understanding.
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