Christmas dinner should not be dull and awkwardly silent

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-03
The host would therefore make the dinner great by having a few surprise games in store. In addition to the scrumptious meal, the games and laughter would ensure, that Christmas would be a favourite and memorable day for all who would be present. Below are some of the many possible activities that can take place at the dinner table or after dinner on Christmas day: 1) Story telling: Have an older person tell a funny story about one of the people at the table. Don't forget to tell the story teller to be a little sensitive about the person he/she is talking about! 2) Table cloth: This game is mostly for the kids when they get fidgety at the table. The host can give the kids an inexpensive but not disposable tablecloth. The same cloth can be used yearly to mark their progress. They can use permanent markers and date sign them for future reference. 3) Who am I?: Place a card or paper with a name of a famous person under each plate. The person sitting next to that person sticks the paper on his/her forehead with a tape without him/her seeing the name. He/she then asks questions for clues about the name stuck on his/her forehead. This game can vary in topics. 4) Board games: Board games are always fun to play at any time. They help create team spirit if not everyone can play. Encourage the grown men to play a board game (normally played by young kids) and watch them (plus take memorable photos) playing ladders on the floor! 5) Mr. (or Ms) Freeze: One person should be nominated as Mr. Freeze and actually freeze as the party carries on. The rest of the guests should notice and also freeze. The last person to freeze is penalized. The point is to have everybody freezing. It would be nice to freeze that moment in a photo but I wonder how, since everyone would be frozen?! 6) Secret message: Like 'who am I', place a paper under each person's plate. Write an awkward sentence or phrase on it like 'I eat like a baby'. Ensure each guest reads his/her sentence secretly and use it in the course of conversation at dinner. During coffee or as people relax, let them decide whose phrase sounded phoney. 7) Pass the message: This one would need many people for it to be fun. Nominate a person to say something in a sentence to a second person's ear - as if it is a secret. The second person whispers to the third. On and on the whispering continues. The last person then says what he/she has heard out loud. Chances are, if the message went through many people, it became distorted by the time it reached the last person. It is fun tracing the point where it changed. I hope this has given you some ideas of Christmas party or table games to play. Hope it's a fun day for you all!
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