Christmas provides a time to focus on spending

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-28
Paper Dolls Make a Christmas themed Tinkerbell dress up game with paper dolls. Make Tinkerbell and friends paper dolls by drawing pictures of the characters, cutting them out and coloring them. Create Christmas and winter clothes by drawing the clothes on paper and cutting them out. Clothing items could include a Santa style hat, scarf or earmuffs. Put all the clothes in the center of the table and have players take turn rolling a die. Each player gets one roll. If she rolls a six she can select a piece of clothing for her character. She must pass the die to the player on the right who also rolls to try to get a six. The first player to add three pieces of clothing for her fairy is the winner. Costumes Gather fairy and Christmas-related costume items for a dress-up race. Find clothing items such as winter and Santa hats, fairy wings, scarves, scepters and gloves. Put an equal amount of clothing items into two piles. Tell players that they are fairies and that they are on a race to see who can get dressed up first to play in the first snow in Neverland. Have two players race to see who can put on all the clothing items the first. If more than two players are playing, divide the group into teams. Party Game Make a Tinkerbell dress up game to play at a Christmas party. Draw a Christmas scene on a poster. Include a Christmas tree and Tinkerbell and her friends -- Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Michael -- decorating for Christmas. Draw and cut out Santa style hats on another piece of paper. Put double-sided tape on the back of the hats. Blindfold the players and have them try to get the Santa hats onto the characters' heads. The player who comes closest to getting a hat on a head is declared the winner. Other Tinkerbell Dress-up Games for Kids Engage children in a fashion show competition for Christmas. Have each child dress up as Tinkerbell or one of her fairy friends. Then ask them to dress their favorite fairy for Christmas. The outfits might include a stocking cap, a sparkling dress, a bow tie or some fancy shoes. Have a fashion show and have a parent judge which fairy is dressed the most appropriately for Christmas. Make some small Christmas outfits for Tinkerbell and friends dolls. The dolls are available at toy stores nationwide. Make a winter coat, stocking cap or a special Christmas dress for the dolls out of fabric and a sewing machine. Then send children on a scavenger hunt to locate the clothing items to dress Tinkerbell and the other fairies for Christmas.
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